Integrating Analytics for WSO2 API Manager 4.0.0 with Fluent Bit, Grafana Loki, Grafana Stack

1. Building the Publisher Agent

Go to and clone the repository and build the log-events.

2. Setting up Grafana Loki

Execute the below commands to setup the initial Grafana loki distribution.

3. Setting up FluentBit

There are two options to set this up.

4. Configuring Fluent Bit to pull and push the carbon logs to Grafan Loki

To setup Fluent Bit client for Loki first we need to build the plugin. Go to

5. Setting up Grafana Dashboard

  • Separating the Success and Failure Counts
  • Separating Illegal Attempts

6. References




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Ajanthan Eliyathamby 🇱🇰

Ajanthan Eliyathamby 🇱🇰

Associate Architect — Enterprise Integration | WSO2 Certified Solution Architect |