Connection Verification between Servers

When we are involved in a large scale deployment to production, there is a need to check whether the connectivity between servers available.

For example:
When deploying applications in different servers there is a need for communication between them using specific ports. So when a developer requests server he will provide the ports information to get opened.

After the hardware is provided there is a need to check whether the ports opened properly, without deploying the applications, to verify whether they are enabled properly.

To verify follow the below steps.

1) Consider that you need to check whether the port 9909 is opened at <remote_ip> from <source_ip>

python -m SimpleHTTPServer <port>

sl-ajanthan@slajanthan-Latitude-3580:~$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9909
Serving HTTP on port 9909 …

2) Then execute the below to verify

nc -vz <remote_ip> <port>

sl-ajanthan@slajanthan-Latitude-3580:~$ nc -vz localhost 9909
Connection to localhost 9909 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

That’s it. Hope this helps…



Associate Architect — Enterprise Integration | WSO2 Certified Solution Architect |

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