In a typical setup we have the WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Identity Server Integrated as a Key Manager, as an add-on WSO2 has introduced API Microgateway which can be integrated and used as Gateway along with WSO2 API Manager. Where the management of the APIs will be handled by the WSO2 API Manager.

In this article we are going to see how we can integrate all together and use it in a distributed setup.


  • Prerequisite
  • Setup Architecture
  • Setting up the Environment for Development

( Setup OpenJDK, Setup Microgateway Toolkit, Setup API Controller, Setup MySQL, Setup Microgateway Runtime (…

This article is about how we can deploy the wso2 products into kubernetes, a container orchestration engine, with a brief explanations on the steps and also how wso2 along with kubernetes work together.

As this is a local setup I’m using the Minikube and using an updated wso2 provided scripts used for the deployment.

The initial target of this article is to setup WSO2 API Manager, this will guide us how the setup works and through that we can get knowledge and deploy other products.


  1. Minikube ( )
  2. WSO2 Kubernetes Deployment Guide ( )

What we are going to look

  1. Kubernetes — Why and…

This article explains about an Automation process on how we can deploy custom mediators on to wso2 servers through a proper versioning and smooth deployment process which will reduce the cost of manual deployment.

Usually wso2 mediators build through maven, so here also I’m going to build the artifacts through maven and then push to the Nexus repository along with versioning mechanism and then we will use the Ansible to pull the artifact from the repository and install into wso2 servers.

To get explained this easily, below contents include in this article.

  1. Pipeline Implementation
  2. Ansible Script Implementation for Deployment
  3. Connecting…

This is to share the knowledge on how we can use the Microsoft Graph API to connect to Microsoft Services and do CRUD operations on it. In my Article here, I’m using the Microsoft TeamsOnline Meeting APIs and will explain from the Authentication, Authorization -> Creating Meetings and Retrieve the Microsoft Teams Online Meeting Information.

Here planned to cover the below sections:

  1. How Authentication and Authorization happens through Microsoft Graph API with Microsoft Services.
  2. Setting up a trial Microsoft Trial Business Account ( For our Testing purpose )
  3. Registering the Application in the Azure Portal
  4. Adding Permissions to…

This article explains how to transfer public certificate and private key entries between keystore and truststore.

Consider we need to export the certificates from base-keystore.p12, base-truststore.jks and import it to transfer-keystore.p12,transfer-truststore.jks. Follow the below steps to achieve it.

Also to update the passwords can use the below commands.

Security is always a main concern in enterprise systems, so when we building the applications it is a must to implement proper security functionalities along with the business logic. Working on both at the same time is complex situation for developers as to consider multiple entry points of threat while designing the security framework.

To overcome this, there are many opensource and paid IAM solution providers. It can be cloud, on-premise or hybrid. In this article I’m going to dive into the WSO2 IAM solution. …

This article is to share a single diagram to get understand how the containerization came into the application deployment and how it evolved based on the need during each step it got evolved.

As diagrams always easy to understand and better way to remember the things, I’m sharing here and hope this helps.

This is an article on a common use case, we face during Ansible automation, where in our group_vars and host_vars we used to define the common passwords and also in the hosts file we will have our ssh passwords which needs to be encrypted, as it have the sensitive data. Ansible Vault provides us with a solution for this kind of use case.

In this article I'm going to provide a step by step guide on how we can use the Ansible Vault to achieve our requirement as mentioned above and also for this I’m taking the MySQL offline Installation

When we are involved in a large scale deployment to production, there is a need to check whether the connectivity between servers available.

For example:
When deploying applications in different servers there is a need for communication between them using specific ports. So when a developer requests server he will provide the ports information to get opened.

After the hardware is provided there is a need to check whether the ports opened properly, without deploying the applications, to verify whether they are enabled properly.

To verify follow the below steps.

1) Consider that you need to check whether the port…

The main focus of this article is to share my experience on installing OpenLDAP in a internet connectivity restricted environment and some of the other areas I spent more time to get understood to do the configuration.

Hope this helps someone in the similar situation.

When I started the installation, below are my considerations.

  1. Need to install without pulling the libraries using yum ( As working with CentOS 7 / Red Hat 7.5).
  2. Need to enable ldaps connectivity.
  3. Need to enable the logging and move it to a preferred location.
  4. Need to move the default database location to my preferred…

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